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Resolution ER3-02F

Active Living

January 1, 2002
Expiry Date:
December 1, 2005
Active Status:
Vote Results:

WHEREAS physical inactivity represents a major health risk;AND WHEREAS it has been proven that physical activity is effective in preventing and/or controlling cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis;AND WHEREAS developing strategies to make Albertans more active is a priority for interagency action;AND WHEREAS the AAMDC promotes the value of Albertans living healthy, active lifestyles;AND WHEREAS the AAMDC supports environments which promote participation in physical activity;

Operative Clause:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the AAMDC support active living initiatives that promote physical activity through partnerships, advocacy, education and program delivery; AND FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that the executive of the AAMDC carry the encouragement of this Active Living Resolution to the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, the Alberta School Board Association and the Public School Board Association, to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and the applicable provincial and federal departments with responsibility in this area.

Member Background:

In February 1995, the Federal-Provincial/Territorial Ministers responsible for recreation and sport unanimously recognized that physical inactivity represented a major health risk, and that developing strategies to make Canadians more active was a priority for government action. Provincial and territorial governments were encouraged to develop strategies for reducing inactivity levels.In 1997, the Minister of Community Development established the Active Living Strategy, the Task Force brought together several government departments to form the Ministers Active Living Coordinating Council. The Council, representing Community Development, Health and Wellness, Learning, Justice and Attorney General, Human Resources and employment, Childrens Services, Municipal Affairs and the Workers Compensation Board, collaborated to influence legislation, policies, information, community design and incentives to support Albertans.There is a national goal to decrease the level of physical inactivity in Canada by 10% in 2003. It is important AAMD&C provide leadership to promote the Alberta Active Living Strategy.

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