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Resolution EM5-08S

Equitable Economics: Inter-Municipal Financial Partnerships

January 1, 2008
Expiry Date:
December 31, 2010
Active Status:

A draft of AAMDC’s position paper, Equitable Economics: Inter-municipal Financial Partnerships, was released in January 2008. This paper examines the inter-municipal financial partnerships of cost sharing and revenue sharing. The objectives of Equitable Economics are to:- Define cost and revenue sharin- Support AAMDC’s position of cost sharing being preferable to revenue sharing- Assist municipalities in choosing between different types of inter-municipal financial agreements- Provide municipalities with processes for establishing inter-municipal financial agreements – Identify tools and resources that can support municipalities in establishing inter-municipal financial agreementsThis paper provides recommendations to municipalities, the Government of Alberta and the AAMDC to support the development of cost sharing agreements.To ensure the paper reflects the interests and priorities of AAMDC members, a survey was conducted and two conference calls were held to discuss common themes from the survey results. Based on member input, the paper will be revised and released in March 2008. The recommendations from Equitable Economics will be communicated to the Government of Alberta.

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