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Resolution EM2-10S

Re-engineering of Municipal Grants

January 1, 1999
Expiry Date:
March 31, 2014
Active Status:
Transportation and Infrastructure
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In 2010, a grant re-engineering took place, consolidating a number of grants, and most importantly uses a web portal where municipalities can apply and report on all grant monies. Thirty-nine grant programs were consolidated to 23 programs and there are a few changes that the AAMDC continues to monitor.

The Resource Road Program, Local Road Bridge Program, Community Airport Program and City Special Transportation grants have been combined into one grant called the Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP). The Basic Capital Grant, City Transportation Fund, Provincial Highway Maintenance Grant, Rural Transportation Grant and Streets Improvement Program have been combined into the Basic Municipal Transportation Grant. There is concern that in the future it may be difficult to determine if specific allocations are maintained for funding different types of infrastructure. It may be possible that all of these individual dedicated funds could be combined to compete against one another, of which the AAMDC would not be supportive. In the 2012-13 Budget, the province continued to report allocations for each grant and funding was either maintained or increased for each. In 2013-14, STIP was zero-funded and the province would not provide a breakdown of the allocations to the Basic Municipal Transportation Grant. However, in a March 2013 budget conference call, the Acting Deputy Minister indicated that the Basic Municipal Transportation Grant formulas would remain the same as previous year. The AAMDC continues to monitor this issue.

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