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Resolution 5-07F

New and Innovative Solutions for Treated Wastewater

January 1, 2007
Expiry Date:
December 1, 2010
Active Status:
Vote Results:

WHEREAS municipalities are having great difficulties in the operation of wastewater lagoons due to increased population resulting from the provincial “boom”; andWHEREAS municipalities have been forced to close lagoons due to the inability to seasonally discharge treated wastewater, the slow process involved with Alberta Environment approvals, and the influx of permanent residents to lakefront properties; andWHEREAS tribulations faced by municipalities with respect to treated wastewater disposal will increase; andWHEREAS new technologies that treat wastewater to levels exceeding Alberta Environmental standards with respect to total and fecal coliforms, total suspended solids, reduced pH levels and increased dissolved oxygen levels, are being utilized in many countries around the globe; andWHEREAS Alberta Environment (AENV) refrains from entertaining the idea of allowing “New and Innovative Solutions” into the wastewater dilemma’s throughout the province;

Operative Clause:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties lobby the Provincial Government to fund these tests and approve solutions that are deemed effective alternatives for disposal of treated wastewater.

Member Background:

None provided.

RMA Background:

At the Spring 2006 convention, the AAMDC membership endorsed the Summary Report on the Alberta Septage Facility and Hauler Inventory, Best Practices and Needs Assessment Project. The report outlines a number of recommendations directly related to improving tools, resources and best practices related to the management of onsite wastewater management systems. The AAMDC, in conjunction with Alberta Environment, Alberta Municipal Affairs and Housing, Alberta Infrastructure, Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association and the AUMA are currently in the process of developing a comprehensive strategy to fully implement the recommendations outlined in the assessment project. This implementation strategy will commence in early 2008. In addition, the AAMDC will commence work on full revisions to the Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standard of Practice orginally drafted in 1999.


Alberta Environment responded that it is open to a review and discussion with interested municipalities regarding alternative approaches and innovative technologies. In addition, feasibility studies are eligible for cost-sharing with the Government of Alberta. Through the AAMDC/Alberta Environment Collaboration Protocol and the work of the Septage and Onsite Wastewater Strategic Advisory Committee, the AAMDC continues to ensure wastewater issues are presented to the Government of Alberta on a regular basis.

Provincial Ministries:
Treasury Board and Finance,
Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
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