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Resolution 5-00F

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Funding Formula

January 1, 2000
Expiry Date:
December 1, 2003
Active Status:
Community Services
Vote Results:

WHEREAS FCSS underwent a funding formula change in 1998 to reflect population and median income of municipalities; AND WHEREAS the steering committee at that time recommended that the new formula only be implemented if an additional $13.9 million were allocated to FCSS over the next three years; AND WHEREAS the FCSS funding has only increased $6 million since that time; AND WHEREAS 148 FCSS programs out of the total 186 programs in the province (80%) have been grandfathered at their 1997 rate in order to avoid a reduction in allocations; AND WHEREAS these programs supported this new model in the expectation that at the end of three years they could begin to see an increase in their allocation; AND WHEREAS combined with the 20% loss in funding all programs experienced during 1994-1997 these grandfathered programs have not received an increase for inflation since 1993; AND WHEREAS there is presently no new provincial funding available for new programs or to account for increased population;

Operative Clause:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties urge the Government of Alberta to ensure that Family and Community Support Services allocations are increased in the next budget to the full amount recommended in 1998.

Member Background:

Family and Community Support Services is a 30+ year old program designed to help fund preventative social programs at the local level. The program involves partnerships between municipalities and the province to deliver preventative social programs. These programs are funded 20 per cent by municipal governments and 80 per cent by the province. During 1996 and 1997 a Steering Committee composed of members of the FCSS Association, Inter City Forum on Social Policy, AUMA, AAMDC and Family and Social Services Department Staff, was formed to redesign the FCSS program. They were to consider and recommend a funding allocation model. The model adopted in 1998 is based primarily on population with an adjustment based on a municipalitys median income. The Steering Committee recommended implementation of the new model only if the following conditions were adhered to: 1. FCSS funding should be allocated to municipalities based on the per capita adjusted for median income formula with grandfathering to protect municipalities from losses until 2001. 2. An additional $13.9 million be added to the provincial FCSS budget over the next three years (i.e. $37.5 million in 1998/99, to $41 million in 1999/2000 and to $45 million in 2000/01). 3. No redistribution of funding should occur if additional dollars are not available. 4. Additional funding is required to permit the participation of municipalities that are not currently receiving FCSS grants. 5. Prior to calculating grant amounts for 2001, the funding formula should be reviewed to ensure that the weighting afforded to median income is appropriate. In actuality the provincial FCSS budget has increased as follows: 1997 – $31,100,000 1998 – $36,100,000 1999 – $36,600,000 2000 – $37,100,000

RMA Background:

Resolution 8-95S, endorsed at the 1995 fall convention, calls for provincial funding of FCSS “at a level which maintain and enhance the ability of the program to deliver services needed by its communities”. Resolution 8-95F will no longer be in effect following the 2000 fall convention.

Provincial Ministries:
Human Services
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