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Resolution 28-02F

Footprint Assessment Model

January 1, 2002
Expiry Date:
December 1, 2005
Active Status:
Vote Results:

WHEREAS the M.L.A Farm Property Assessment Review Committee has submitted its final report and recommendations on “Farm Property Assessment Issues”;AND WHEREAS under the “Footprint” approach, each type of agricultural operation will be assessed according to a footprint assessment rate set out for the type of agricultural activity taking place.

Operative Clause:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties urge the Government of Alberta to target any new farm assessment legislation and/or regulations so that the footprint approach only applies to those farm operations with a sufficient number of animals to require an “approval” under the NRCB requirements for the construction or expansion of a Confined Feeding Operation.

Member Background:

The following table is extracted from the Natural Resources Conservation Board document “The NRCB and Livestock Operations, an update for stakeholders dated January 4, 2002. The table sets outs thresholds for determining whether a farm operation requires a registration or an approval through the NRCB.Type of Livestock Number of Animals (Registrations) Number of Animals (Approvals)Beef cows/finishers (900+ lbs.) 150-349 350+Beef feeders (<900 lbs.) 200-499 500+Dairy (milking cows including replacements and dries) 50-199 200+Swine (sows farrow to finish) 30-249 250+Swine (sows - farrow to wean) 50-999 1,000+Swine (feeders) 500 3,299 3,300+Swine (weaners) 500-8,999 9,000+Poultry (broilers) 2,000 59,999 60,000+Poultry (breeder hens) 1,000 15,999 16,000+Poultry (layers) 5,000 29,999 30,000+Poultry (pullets) 2,000 59,999 60,000+Turkeys 1,000 29,999 30,000+Ducks 1,000 29,999 30,000+Geese 1,000 29,999 30,000+Horses (PMU) 100 399 400+Horses (feeders) 100 299 300+Sheep (ewes/rams) 200 1,999 2,000+Goats 200 1,999 2,000+Bison 150 349 350+Elk 150 399 400+Deer 200 999 1,000+Wild Boar 100 299 300+

RMA Background:

AAMDC members have previously endorsed two resolutions dealing with farm assessment policy, both of which expire as of the Fall 2002 Convention. Resolution 9-97F calls for any portion of a farm residential parcel beyond 3 acres to be assessed at agricultural rates. Resolution 11-97F calls for farmland to continue to be assessed on the basis of productive values, and for no change in the exemptions available to farm residences.Subsequent to these two resolutions, the AAMDC surveyed members to obtain their input on the recommendations put forward by the MLA Committee on Farm Assessment. While a large majority of members expressed significant concerns with the footprint assessment model, most members responding to the survey also indicated their willingness to accept the MLA Committees recommendations, provided that the education tax on agricultural property is eliminated, and that the province provide funding to offset any municipal costs of implementing the proposed new farm assessment model.

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