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Resolution 25-00F

Development Levies Principles

January 1, 2000
Expiry Date:
December 1, 2003
Active Status:
Vote Results:

WHEREAS municipalities and the development industry mutually contribute to and benefit from strong communities;AND WHEREAS the existing and future needs of Alberta’s communities rely on strong relationships and shared responsibilities; AND WHEREAS the benefits of community growth and prosperity accrue to many beneficiaries and stakeholders beyond municipalities and the development industry;AND WHEREAS the Minister of Municipal Affairs has shown leadership in supporting a joint facilitated process to promote enhanced relations between municipalities and developers;AND WHEREAS the outcome of discussions between municipalities and development industry has a direct bearing on the 1999 Proposed Municipal Government Act, Planning and Development Amendments (Red Book);AND WHEREAS discussions between municipalities and the development industry have given rise to the value of principles to embody a preferred relationship for the future;AND WHEREAS the discussions between municipalities and the development industry have also provided for the identification of an “Infrastructure Responsibility Matrix”;

Operative Clause:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties hereby endorsed the Principles developed by the AUMA/UDI/AAMDC Development Levies Task Force as follows: Municipalities and Developers have a shared responsibility for defining and addressing the existing and future needs of the community. Municipalities must retain the flexibility to create development policies consistent with community objectives. These policies should be applied equitably and fairly to all within that community. All beneficiaries of development should participate in the cost of providing and installing infrastructure in the community on an equitable basis that relates to the degree of benefit. Full disclosure of development costs and payments should be provided to all parties for the purpose of determining levies. Both developers and municipalities have a responsibility to provide a meaningful public consultation process. The existing appeal process will provide an objective decision within a reasonable time frame by a trained and knowledgeable body. All stakeholders share a responsibility to provide cost-effective solutions for infrastructure. There should be a provincial obligation to assist municipalities to meet infrastructure expenditures to address growth or changed provincial or federal standards. Both developers and municipalities share a responsibility for the continuation of meaningful consultation/discussion regarding policy changes.FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts & Counties extend the specific mandate of the AUMA/UDI/AAMDC appointed Development Levies Task Force for the purposes of the following: To provide a formal mechanism to allow for continued discussions with the development industry, as represented by the Urban Development Institute – Alberta, and its membership, the purpose of which is to benefit from the improved relationship established by the Task Force and ensure communication continues on a long-term basis. To complete the activities relative to responding to the Minister of Municipal Affairs, the purpose of which is to ensure the position and recommendations of the AUMA/UDI/AAMDC Development Levies Task Force are formally presented to the minister. To expand, as required, the Infrastructure Responsibility Matrix, the purpose of which is to clearly identify roles and responsibilities for the obligations related to costs associated with assigning development levies obligations, in specific other beneficiaries and/or stakeholders.

Provincial Ministries:
Municipal Affairs
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