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Resolution 19-18F

Separation of Industrial Hemp from Cannabis Regulations

November 21, 2018
Expiry Date:
December 1, 2021
Active Status:
Brazeau County
3 - Pembina River
Sent to Government
Vote Results:

WHEREAS Canada is one of the world’s largest hemp producers, growing an estimated 138,000 acres in 2017; and

WHEREAS the Government of Canada is beginning to allow cannabidiol (CBD) extraction from hemp concurrently with the development of regulations for adult-use recreational cannabis; and

WHEREAS on April 18, 2018, the Government of Ontario announced changes to regulate cannabis below 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) (hemp plant and its derivatives) within the authority of agriculture, setting the tone for change across the county; and

WHEREAS this movement would be welcome news for many Canadian hemp farmers, entrepreneurs and investors providing a strong market advantage for hemp-based CBD products in North America;

Operative Clause:

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Rural Municipalities of Alberta advocate to the Government of Alberta to classify industrial hemp as an agriculture product.

Member Background:

Brazeau County has been an advocate for economic diversification through the development of the bio-economy in Alberta, including the development of a hemp cluster in the region. It has been working in partnership with the Alberta Hemp Alliance and supporting and educating farmers, entrepreneurs and investors on the many opportunities this ancient crop has to offer.

Recently, the Government of Ontario passed Regulation 327/18: “Non-Application of Act to Certain Cannabis and Cannabis Products” specific to industrial hemp. Ontario is the first province to pass this regulation and we urge Alberta to be the next to strengthen this movement across the country in support of economic development and market leader advantage in North America.

A link to Ontario Regulation 327/18 is attached for reference: https://www.ontario.ca/laws/regulation/r18327.

RMA Background:

RMA has no active resolutions directly related to this issue.

Provincial Ministries:
Agriculture and Forestry,
Justice and Solicitor General
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